What to do when your hair is frizzy?

What to do when your hair is frizzy?
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The heating season has arrived and the air has become drier, which promotes frizz and static hair. This is a big nuisance because it affects the appearance of your hair and can seriously ruin your day. Luckily, there are products and hair care rituals, which help you tame fly-away hair and restore your hair to its beautiful, smooth state. We tell you how to deal with frizzy hair

The OMO Shampooing Method

Frizzy hair lacks body and hold. Of course, overloaded hair is not desirable and does not look good. The best way to tame frizzy hair is to shampoo it using the OMO method – conditioner-wash-conditioner. This involves applying a conditioner (preferably protein or humectant-based) to wet hair to soften the shampoo, which strips the hair of its smoothing sheath. After applying the conditioner, you can wash your scalp with a diluted and lathered shampoo as you always do, and reapply the emollient conditioner after washing to seal in the nourishment and protect your hair’s cuticles. The OMO method protects hair from dryness and adds smoothness and shine. A smoothing condition er is one that contains the right oils for your hair’s porosity

Frizziness Caused by Too Much Humectant

If you like humectant-based conditioners and your hair care products contain aloe vera, glycerin, honey or plant extracts, this could be the reason for your hair’s frizz. Excess moisture, especially not provided by emollients, can cause your hair to frizz because humectants are ingredients that attract moisture from the air and the environment. Their abundance in hair care makes hair an indicator of the level of moisture in the air, which is absolutely not desirable. If your hair is over-humectant, the solution to this problem is to wash your hair twice with a medium strength shampoo and use a protein conditioner, which fills in the moisture-absorbing spaces with hair building blocks

Frizziness Caused by a Shortage of Emollients

Emollients are substances that form a protective and smoothing film on the surface of the hair, giving it shine and protecting it from frizz and mechanical damage. In cosmetics, they include oils, butters and silicones. For an emollient conditioner to work effectively, the oils it contains must be matched to your hair’s porosity. Choosing an oil for too low a porosity will increase fluff, while oils for too high a porosity will weigh it down too much. The way to make your hair smoother is to regularly oil it with an oil matched to your porosity

Frizzy hair due to unexercised curls

Typical Slavic hair has a slightly wavy twist, a 2a/2b twist. If you notice slight waves or curls underneath the surface layer of your hair and if your hair often feels frizzy and damaged after brushing it, even if you take good care of it, it is almost certain that your hair wants to turn. To test this theory, work a conditioner into wet, lightly towel-dried hair and blow dry it with a diffuser hair dryer. After styling, if your hair starts to look wavy or curly, you are on the right track. Wash your curly hair using the OMO method, never brush it dry, and style it with a twist activator and a powerful gel

Taking care of your hair is not a complicated process at all if you know its structure, porosity and needs. It’s worth investing some time to enjoy a gorgeous, perfectly smooth sheet of hair

Main Photo: Pablo Merchán Montes/unsplash.com

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