When should you replace your windows? Check what to pay attention to!

When should you replace your windows? Check what to pay attention to!
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Standard PVC windows can last about 30 years. However, the length of this warranty depends on proper use and regular maintenance. How do you know when windows are due for replacement? 

Type of windows 

The first thing to pay attention to before replacing windows is the type of material they are made of. Each material behaves differently, has a different level of durability and requires different maintenance. The most popular are plastic windows, or windows made of PVC material. This type of window is the cheapest, has good heat insulation and is easy to clean. PVC windows work well in many sizes, especially as roof windows, but it’s best to choose a white color that discolors the least. Wooden windows are another popular type. The classic laminated wood frames are stylish, durable, and if properly maintained can last up to 100 years in good condition. The last popular model is aluminum windows. This type has so far been characterized by low thermal insulation, but thanks to modern techniques it matches the parameters of PVC and wooden windows. Window frames made of aluminum are easy to maintain, available in a variety of colors, as well as with the option of additional painting and a visible gloss or matte finish, which adds a unique character to the room. 

When can windows be replaced? 

Windows, like any other part of home furnishings, are subject to deterioration due to the length of use. The minimum warranty period most often given by manufacturers is 10 years, but depending on the brand, you can buy affordable windows with a warranty of up to 30 years. After this period, windows can become leaky, the seals worn out and the frame discolored. What other factors can prompt you to replace your windows? 

Improper maintenance

Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year, preferably with natural means, such as vinegar water or warm water, using a microfiber cloth. It is a good idea to thoroughly clean all frame components and seals. After thoroughly washing the frames and glazing, sensitive areas, such as hinges, can be treated with special maintenance products. Their overuse can also lead to faster deterioration of windows. 


These especially appear after an attempted break-in, accidentally breaking the glass or being hit by a branch. Before replacing the whole thing, it is worth contacting the window manufacturer and consulting the situation. It may be that simply replacing the glass is enough. 

Warping of the frames 

A common cause of window replacement is also frame warping, which is the bending that occurs in the frame. This problem often affects balcony windows, which are most often opened to their full width. Minor defects can be sealed with special washers or frame hardware, but for large gaps the whole thing will have to be replaced. 

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