Buy The Latest Top 4 Rico Series Blind Box From Token Store

Buy The Latest Top 4 Rico Series Blind Box From Token Store
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The Rico Series blind box is one of the most popular series in Token Store’s line of collectible toys. The blind box refers to the fact that you don’t know which toy you’re going to get—you can buy it and receive any one of the four toys inside the box, chosen at random. But this uncertainty has its upsides, as you might end up with your favorite character or an exciting new addition to your collection! Read on if you want to try it out yourself.

What is the Rico Series Blind Box toy?

If you are familiar with blind boxes, you probably know how fun they can be. The mystery behind a Rico Series blind box is what makes them so appealing to so many people. You get a random figure without knowing which one it is, or what its rarity is until you open it up. When it comes to Rico series blind boxes, you never know what’s in them. These products have a wide variety of contents in them and some even contain limited edition figures with only 1,000 being made for each product.  It’s kind of like opening up a Christmas present without knowing exactly what’s inside until you rip off that wrapping paper.

Reasons why children love Rico Series

Children love to play with blind boxes, just like how they like to open their daily free surprise toys. Rico Series is designed for kids of 4 and above. For these little ones, each package of the Rico series contains 8 toys that are truly a surprise to them! Look at their adorable faces when they open up their toy box in front of you! And here is why children love to play with the Rico series

 1) All toys are safe, not harmful: The material used for making all Rico series toys are 100% non-toxic. You can be assured that your child will not get any harm from playing with any Rico Series Toy.

 2) All toys can be taken apart easily: Kids usually do not like taking apart things because it’s too complicated or hard to do so. But with the Rico series, all toys can be disassembled into several pieces which makes it easier for children to take apart and put back together again. 

3) All toys have moving parts: With moving parts on each toy, there is no worry about batteries going flat as long as you regularly check on them every now and then. These moving parts also help kids learn more about cause & effect relationship between objects. 

4) Each toy has its own unique design: Rico series toys come in a variety of designs and shapes. It is guaranteed that kids will never feel bored even if they had played with the same toys over and over again. 

5) Each package comes with a set of instructions manual: In case your child cannot figure out how to play with certain toys, he/she can refer to these instructions manuals provided by Token Store.

 6) Every toy has an instruction card: There is an instruction card included in each package of Rico series toys. This serves as an introduction to your child about what kind of toy he/she will receive upon opening his/her toy box. 

7) Each set of toys is sold separately: Most parents prefer buying individual sets instead of getting all available sets at once. This allows parents to decide whether their children really enjoy playing with certain types of toys before purchasing more sets for them.

Gifting Rico Blind Series

The Rico blind box series has been designed as a special gift for everyone. It is perfectly suitable for children. This version features four different characters to collect. Each of them comes with its own special accessory such as; a cap, a bow tie, or an earring! Made from high-quality plastic, each character is highly detailed down to every hair on their head and has been carefully painted. 

Buy Rico Blind Series from the Token Store!

Rico Series Blind Boxes are available at The Token Store. On our website, you can find different Rico series such as Rico Happy Festival Present Series Blind Box, Rico Happy Cosmo Series Blind Box, Rico Sweet Days Series Blind Box, Rico Happy Daily Series Blind Box, and much more! Just think of it as an excuse to collect more than one! Head on over to our online store- to grab one for yourself!

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