Cozy living room in a few steps – the best ideas

Cozy living room in a few steps – the best ideas
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Dreaming of a cozy living room but don’t know how to arrange it? We suggest how to get the dream space in a few steps!

Living room is next to the kitchen heart of the house. It is where we spend most of our free time. No wonder that we want the interior to have a cozy, warm character, encouraging to relax. Arranging a living room is not difficult at all. With these tips we will surely achieve the effect we dream of!

Introduce fabrics to the living room

What we should introduce to our living room are carpets, throws, blankets, cushions and curtains. Fabrics add warmth and character to your home. What’s more, with their help we can change our living room arrangement in just a few moments. Having two sets of matching pillowcases and curtains, we can visually refresh the room from time to time.

Lighting for the living room

Another factor that affects the character of the interior is lighting. With well-chosen and placed lamps, as well as through the appropriate temperature and color of light, we can get an amazing effect.

For a cozy living room will be most suitable warm bulbs and light of varying intensity. The upper lighting should be as bright as possible, so that it illuminates the living room well when it is needed. It is also advisable to place a separate light source in the reading corner and smaller light sources that create an intimate atmosphere.

When arranging the living room it is worth thinking about supplementing the interior with smaller standing lamps, strings of lights (e.g. bulbs or cotton balls) as well as lanterns and candles. All the mentioned sources of light fulfill at the same time a decorative role in the living room. Depending on the nature of the interior, choose those that will fit into the overall style of the room.

Paintings and decorations

A cozy interior is a filled interior. Bare walls and empty bookcases are elements, which make a living room seem less cosy. So it’s worth thinking about arranging these spaces. The ideal solution is to fill the walls with pictures or photos

It is absolutely not a matter of hanging each of the walls by force. Let’s choose the biggest one, which is completely empty. An alternative to pictures are wall decorations made of straw, metal or macramé. You can also decide on a decorative clock or a mirror.

Another step in arranging a living room so that it becomes more cozy, is introducing small decorations on shelves, consoles and tables. Some people are fans of figurines and decorations of this type, others less so.

How to choose decorations to make the living room look stylish, and not kitschy? First of all, do not act against yourself. If we like the decorations offered by interior stores, then let’s buy them. If we do not like non-functional decorative elements, then let’s bet on buying books, vases, fruit bowls, candlesticks.

Living room arrangement with the help of plants

What makes an interior cozy and idyllic, are also plants. It is worth thinking about including them in the living room arrangement. There doesn’t have to be too many of them. Even if you don’t have a flair for flowers, you can opt for undemanding species. Little care needs: monstera, sansewieria, aloe, succulents, zamiokulkas … If you at least occasionally water these plants, they will certainly grow beautifully.

On the coziness of the living room also affect cut flowers in vases and dried. Their possession does not have to be expensive at all. Just collect field flowers and crops, and then dry them. In the spring, you can use basil.

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