Flowers for a wedding anniversary – what kind to choose?

Flowers for a wedding anniversary – what kind to choose?
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A wedding anniversary is a solemn day in the life of every family, especially in the early days of marriage and later, when each round anniversary realizes the depth of affection and attachment. These special days are honored with flowers: the husband bestows them on his wife, and the children give them to their parents. What flowers to give for future wedding anniversaries? Read!

Flowers – what do they symbolize?

Before you gift flowers for your wedding anniversary, find out what meaning, values and emotions certain types of flowers carry.

Delicate lily of the valley symbolizes joy. They also protect the house from evil, which is badly needed by a young, unmarried couple. Romantic chamomiles symbolize modesty, virtue and delicacy, so they will be an ideal gift for a young couple. Peonies and chrysanthemums signify wealth, abundance and prosperity – give them to the young couple on their wedding day and on their first marriage anniversaries. Irises symbolize valor and stability, and freesias are the epitome of elegance and exquisiteness. With such a bouquet you can express not only your love, but also respect and admiration for your beloved woman.

Flowers for first wedding anniversaries – what to choose?

The first ten years of marriage is a period when every little thing is of great importance. Each anniversary brings with it a new meaning, which is worth accentuating with a well-chosen bouquet of flowers.

A bouquet of flowers for the first wedding anniversary should embody delicacy and romance. Bellflowers, cornflowers and daisies will work best in this role. Also pay attention to chamomiles and gerberas. The second year of the wedding is still unstable and fragile. For such an anniversary, you can present elegant and limp carnations, tulips or orchids. For the third will be suitable for any bouquets, which can be symbolically tied with a leather cord. For the fourth anniversary, the so-called floral anniversary, the best choice will be chamomiles and gerberas, which can be wrapped in a piece of cloth. For the fifth wedding anniversary, it is worth complementing the floral composition with an element of wood – in accordance with the symbolism of the marriage anniversary. It can be a woody stem of a rose, chrysanthemum or peony.

Another wedding anniversary, the so-called sugar anniversary, prompts to include something fruity in the flower composition. Perhaps rowan fruit, rosehips or hibiscus? A copper anniversary should be highlighted with some warm color, yellow or orange. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums and gerberas in these colors will be the right choice. On the other hand, for a honeymoon anniversary, go for cool-colored flowers, such as blue irises or white chrysanthemums. For the ninth, give daisies or gerberas, and for the tenth – tin anniversary – a bouquet of red roses, symbolizing fidelity and devotion.

Flowers for subsequent anniversaries – which ones to choose?

After the first ten years of life together, it is rare to give flowers for every anniversary. At that time, selected round anniversaries have special significance for the family: the fifteenth, twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth and fiftieth.

To celebrate the fifteenth, crystal, wedding anniversary, choose a bouquet of noble white lilies, roses or orchids. A porcelain wedding anniversary will be honored with delicate eustoms, and a pearl wedding anniversary – with exquisite blacks. A ruby wedding anniversary and a golden wedding anniversary is usually an occasion to give scarlet roses, placed in a large basket.

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