How to aesthetically finish the apartment?

How to aesthetically finish the apartment?
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When construction is over and you manage to buy a condo in move-in condition, it seems like the worst, i.e. credit, is behind you. But in fact your work is just beginning. The matter of finishing the apartment, from the idea and design, through finding the right company, to choosing accessories and the smallest details, is in your hands. Unfortunately, mistakes in finishing may be very visible and generate unnecessary costs. See how to aesthetically finish your apartment

Find a professional interior finishing company

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a good and professional team that will take care of your home’s finishing touches. A “I’ll do it with my brother-in-law” company may provide its services for months, and their quality may leave a lot to be desired. It is much better to trust specialists in this field and, unless you have anyone in your immediate environment who deals with this on a daily basis, do not use the help of amateurs. Of course, for simple tasks you can ask for a favour from a friend or uncle who has painted or wallpapered before, but for the most crucial issues, such as panels, bathroom tiles or properly plastered walls, rely on a hired team. It is best to find such a company from a recommendation, then you can first of all see the effects of their work in your friends’ house, and at the same time make sure that these are trustworthy people. The expertise and experience of the finishers will definitely be good for your home

Keep the decor in one convention

If you want to avoid the impression of chaos and lack of harmony in the interior, look for one dominant concept for the decor and stick to that main theme. For example, if you dream of a Greek-style bathroom, choose floor tiles with a distinctive pattern and navy blue and white accessories, which will give the whole room a characteristic atmosphere. Gold accents and accessories will work perfectly in such an interior. Such large elements as tiles on the floor or walls is a great way to define the decor of any room in the house. If you match it with the right accessories, the living room, kitchen or bathroom will be finished and decorated in an aesthetic and uniform way. A certain convention of decor will allow you to finish the apartment and buy all the necessary products at once. For example, plinths are a very distinctive element in the room and do not fit into every style, so if you do not have a concept for the interior design before starting the finishing work, you can make many mistakes

Pay attention to details

Anyone who has at least once lived in an uninteresting, rented apartment knows how irritating and annoying small details can be, which on the surface are completely unimportant. The longer you stay in a badly or inaccurately finished apartment, the more imperfections do not let you rest. So don’t be afraid to ask the finisher to make amends if you notice a mistake or an unsightly effect. Also, calculate very carefully the amount of materials you need, so that later you don’t have to improvise with a different color of paint, wallpaper pattern or tile motif. Even if a detail such as a different colored strip of wallpaper in the corner will not be noticeable to your visitors, it will drive you crazy over time. Take care of the details in advance, so that later you do not regret and without unnecessary amendments and subsequent renovations enjoy the new look of the apartment or house

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