How to arrange a garden in boho style?

How to arrange a garden in boho style?
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Boho style more and more boldly enters not only the world of fashion, but also interior design and gardens. This is the perfect option for people who insist on originality and are not afraid to experiment with accessories. See how to create your dream garden in boho style!

Artistic disorder and lack of rules – the essence of boho

Boho style refers to one of the 19th century trends in art, the so-called bohemia. It was distinguished by free creativity, lack of restrictions and escaping any schemes. And such are the gardens in the style of boho – full of unique atmosphere and unique accessories. In boho style you are limited only by imagination. You can freely play with different styles and draw inspiration from many cultures.

Magic in the garden

Boho gardens often look like magical places. This is because of the many different patterns, motifs, textures and colors. Boho style garden can not miss the unique accessories such as dream catchers, or colorful scarves, which can be used as a hammock or canopy. Unusual atmosphere of the garden is also thanks to carefully selected lighting. Colorful lanterns and garlands of light will emphasize the unique character of this place. A variety of decorative pillows, patterned blankets or blankets, and oriental, woven carpets will work perfectly in such a garden.

Close to nature

What furniture to choose for the garden in boho style? It is best to choose furniture made of natural materials, such as wood. Hanging armchairs, swings or hammocks made of environmentally friendly materials should also not be missing in such a garden.

Unusual vegetation

The boho garden should bet on the original plants, which in combination with other accessories will emphasize the unique character of the garden. The more colorful, diverse flowers, the better! Ornamental shrubs, grasses, and herbs will help you create an unconventional, charming place for the whole family to relax.

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