How to mask thinning hair?

How to mask thinning hair?
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Your hair is thinning and you dream of a beautiful, thick hairstyle? Learn about ways to hide partial hair loss as well as total hair loss. Below are the best of them.

Non-surgical hair restoration

These are solutions for adult men and women as well as for children. This method allows you to change the appearance of your hair with a variety of hair restoration methods.

Natural and synthetic wigs

This is a solution especially for those who have been struggling with hair loss for a long time. Wigs made of natural hair provide an effect that is not artificial. They can either recreate the original hairstyle or give a completely new look. Wigs made of natural hair are considered to be the ones that give the best results. They allow for discretion – it is almost impossible to see the difference between such a wig and natural hair.

Synthetic wigs will be best for those who care about the natural look of their hairstyle, but have a limited budget. For those who want to have an influence on how exactly the wig will look like, custom wigs are a great solution. You can decide how the hair will look, making it the easiest way to achieve the look you want.


For people whose hair loss is not all-over, men ‘s toupees and women’s toupees are best. So, if you are struggling with visible and partial hair thinning, these are the options for you. Tweezers also work well for scalp injuries from which your natural hair has not grown back.


So-called hairpieces are a type of partial hair replacement. They are nothing more than strands of natural or synthetic hair, which you can attach to your real hair. Like hairpieces, hairpieces make it possible to cover up gaps in your hair but also to thicken the natural hair. Manufacturers offer hairpieces in ponytail form but also in oval form for the top of the head, hairpieces in the form of a hairband or as a single strip. This is also the best solution for people whose hair loss is not all-encompassing, such as certain types of baldness or scars on the head.

CNC system

This method also improves the appearance of hair for people who are struggling with different types of baldness and thin hair problem. The CNC system accurately reproduces the shape of the head, the skin color and the direction of hair growth. You only need to remove the artificial hair once a month for proper care. This allows you to carry out your daily activities and even hairdressing procedures without any worries.

Advantages of Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Non-invasive hair implants and prosthetics can either thicken or lengthen your hair while covering the areas of loss. The hairstyle looks natural and increases the comfort of the person who wears it. Professional companies match the restorations to the needs of the clients. Lifestyle is important, but so is the issue of beauty type, which might not seem very important.

Non-surgical hair restoration is nothing more than hair set on a base that is either integrated with natural hair or applied to the skin in a non-invasive and painless way. Both wigs and partial hair restorations can be worn for up to several years. However, it is worth remembering that natural hair will last longer than synthetic hair. The manner of use and proper care of the restoration are also important. The most important thing is to regularly comb the hair and protect it from harmful external factors.

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