Take care of your mental health during a pandemic!

Take care of your mental health during a pandemic!
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Some of the most well-known and respected psychologists and mental health professionals will host a free online webinar

This Thursday, December 10, at 7 p.m., you will be able to participate in a specially designed webinar on mental health during a pandemic. The organizers of the event stress that the current social and political situation and increased stressors do not allow for adequate relaxation and reduction of daily stress.

The webinar is dedicated to people who are struggling to cope with the pandemic period and self-isolation, as well as struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and decreased overall well-being. The invited experts will talk about how to lower stress levels, when it’s a good idea to see a therapist or doctor, how to control your emotions, and explain how insomnia problems affect daily functioning and mood. The topic of the webinar will also be an online program and a mobile application, which is supposed to help in the fight against insomnia. In Poland, such a project was taken up by the psychological clinic terapiabezsennosci.pl, which created a 6-week self-help program. More information will be available during Thursday’s webinar and on the clinic’s profile on Instagram and Facebook.

Who are the webinar presenters?

The speakers at the event will be two well-known experts in clinical psychology and mental health education: Małgorzata Fornal, PhD and Anna Cyklinska, PhD. The first of them deals with clinical psychology, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and therapy of insomnia. Dr. Fornal is responsible for the first Polish program of non-pharmacological treatment of insomnia and co-creates the project terapiabezsennosci.pl. The second invited specialist is Anna Cyklinska, who runs a psychological platform on Instagram @psycho_edu, works in a center for people with mental illnesses and deals with psychoeducation and creating workshops on emotions and their control

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