5 ideas for original birthday invitations

5 ideas for original birthday invitations
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A birthday is a celebration that can begin long before the party itself. If you want your friends to look forward to this day with impatience, think about original invitations. You can express with them the style in which you plan to celebrate the day, or suggest a dress-code or theme for the party. Do not wait and prepare original invitations today!

Invitation – put together a puzzle

An invitation with a puzzle fragment will be a pleasant surprise for your guests and will certainly intrigue them. To prepare such an invitation you will need a puzzle, ribbon and invitation text. You can write the content by hand or print it out. Buy some small fun puzzles – preferably related to the theme of the party – and attach one piece to each invitation with the help of a ribbon. When all the guests gather, you can collect the puzzle. This form of invitation is a nice motivation for guests. You can warn them that they simply can’t not come, because their puzzle piece is needed to collect the whole thing and rock the party.

Invitation – high-five them!

An interesting idea is also to imprint the inside of your hand on a piece of paper with the contents of the invitation. Buy paint, or preferably several colors, and paint the inside of your hand. Imprint it on the paper, and when the paint dries, write your invitation text. This form is sure to put a smile on the faces of your future guests. 

Invitation in the form of a postcard

This invitation will cost you a little more trouble, but your guests will certainly appreciate it. Prepare yourself thicker weight paper, ribbons, glue, printer paper and a hole punch. Print the invitation template on the thicker paper. Use the printer paper as a background, and apply the invitation template to the background. Cut out all the elements and glue them together. Print or handwrite the desired text on one background. You can also write “Invitation” on the reverse side. Make holes with a hole punch and tie the elements of the invitation with a ribbon. You can decorate them with sequins or something related to the theme of the party.

Lace invitations

To make such invitations you need disposable lace paper napkins with a diameter of 24 cm. You can easily find them in any major market. Besides, stock up on thicker weight paper, scissors and ribbon. From the thick paper, cut out a rectangle measuring 10.5 by 11.5 cm. Insert the cut out rectangle into the lace napkin and wrap the edges. You can fold the bottom of the napkin into a triangle shape. Fold the top and bottom triangle and thread a ribbon through them. Finally, tie a bow. You can complete such an elegant invitation according to your preferences.

Invitation in the shape of bees

And here is a suggestion for the youngest (and not only). Prepare colored cardboard, bubble wrap, yellow paint in two shades, a black marker and a brush. Paint the bubble wrap with bright yellow paint and brush it onto the paper to leave a honeycomb-like mark. Wait for the paint to dry. To make a bee on paper, you need to paint the pad of your big toe with dark yellow paint and imprint it on the contractual honeycombs. When the paint dries – and it will take a few hours – you can add details of the bee. Using a black marker, add their eyes, face and wings. Done! All that’s left is to add the name of the invitee, the date, place and time of the birthday party.

main photo: unsplash.com/Edward Howell

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