What fish should I choose for my first aquarium?

What fish should I choose for my first aquarium?
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Fish make great pets. However, getting started with aquarium keeping can be quite a challenge. It is therefore advisable to choose fish for your first aquarium that you can easily care for and that are not aggressive. Let us tell you which fish to choose.

Aquarium fish are an excellent idea for a pet. However, in order to care for them properly, it is necessary to have specific knowledge on how to keep them. Therefore, to begin with, it is advisable to choose such species that will not cause problems even for an aquarium beginner. What will they be?

Fish species for the first aquarium


The guppy or Peacock Eyes is a great fish to start your adventure with aquaristics. It is not very demanding species as these fish are very peaceful, gentle and sociable. A big plus of this species is also the simplicity of breeding. To keep guppies happy in your aquarium, they will need clean, slightly alkaline water at 22-24ºC, strong lighting and plants and ornaments for shelter. You will find all these necessary accessories at Aquael.pl.

Heller’s gladiolus

Another fish which will be perfect for first aquarium is Heller’s Swordtail. It is an agreeable and sociable species towards other tank’s inhabitants. It gets along exceptionally well with guppies, for example. However, a maximum of 3-4 male Swordtails are allowed in one aquarium for maximum comfort and safety

Princess of Burundi

A truly royal fish, the Burundi Princess, is also a good choice for the beginning, but it is worth remembering that this species will feel best in a single-species aquarium. This is because they can be quite aggressive to any fish that violates their territory. Therefore, if you want to keep them in an aquarium with other species, the other fish must take up residence in the aquarium first so that when you let the Princesses in, they are big enough.


Molinesia also called Black Molly is a beautiful fish with intense black coloration that you can also keep in your first aquarium. It is best to keep it in a herd with a slight predominance of females. Remember also that for it to feel comfortable, this aquarium should be at least 60 liters.

Neon Innes

Quite popular fish among beginner aquarists. As the name suggests, it is characterized by intense color and will look best in shaded aquariums. This species feels best in large flocks, but can tolerate most small fish species without any problems. Please also make sure that the aquarium is at least 50 liters (132 US gal.) long and is equipped with a good filter.

Slender Barbel

The Slender Barbel is also a great fish for your first aquarium. It feels well in a larger group, so make sure the group is no smaller than 6-8 specimens. It is, however, a timid species, so it is advisable to provide them with hiding places in the form of plants that will ensure their comfort in the tank. With these fish the tank should be at least 50 liters and tightly closed.

Two-spotted gouramis

The beautiful spotted blue fish, the Two-spotted gourami, is also a species for the first aquarium. It requires a slightly larger tank with a minimum capacity of 100 l. Also keep in mind that these are social fish, but it is recommended to keep one male in the tank along with a few females.

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