Does the two-year-old’s rebellion exist? How to deal with an unruly toddler?

Does the two-year-old’s rebellion exist? How to deal with an unruly toddler?
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Not every parent is convinced of the existence of the phenomenon called the rebellion of a two-year-old child. Scientists, however, convince that so commonly called rebellion is a process of changes occurring in the development of children around the age of two

What are the symptoms?

The rebellion of a two-year-old can be described as a developmental crisis. In the emotional and cognitive sphere changes are so intense that they have a clear impact on the child’s behavior. The toddler begins to feel that he is a separate individual and has a real impact on the surrounding reality. He discovers that he can express his opinion and is often accompanied by strong and extreme emotions. He wants to carry out daily activities on his own and resists most adult proposals. This time can be extremely difficult for young parents and requires even more patience

PsychoLogo – The rebellion of a two-year-old – how to survive and not go crazy

How to calm our rebellious child?

It is said that this emotional period should be “survived”. Such violent behavior of the child is temporary and should pass after a few months. Of course, you can not let the child get on your head, but you should use common sense and remember that the child is also strongly experiencing this complicated time. Specialists emphasize that it is necessary to let the child express emotions, talk to him and explain how to deal with them. The use of punishments and the lack of opportunity to clear the accompanying feelings will have a significant impact on the child’s future. According to psychologists, the tumultuous period of rebellion of a two-year-old can project his withdrawal and susceptibility to social pressure.

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