Gift for a birthday girl – how to choose the perfect one?

Gift for a birthday girl – how to choose the perfect one?
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What to buy for a birthday gift for a little girl? Opt for a grand or rather symbolic gift? Maybe choose something useful? The questions are many, the answers too and this can cause trouble. Here are some suggestions of gifts for girls that you can be inspired by.

Gift for the smallest girls (up to 4 years old)

The smallest children also love to receive gifts and often react very vividly to them. Simplicity is what matters most at this age. Often the same toys can be given to both boys and girls – they differ only in color and design, although even these differences sometimes blur. It is important to make sure before buying that the item has the necessary certificates.

Gifts for the smallest girls

  • creative toys (safe coloring books, plastic mass, sets of stickers),
  • rattles,
  • interactive cuddly toys,
  • educational mat,
  • bath toys (e.g. rubber animals, foam puzzles),
  • rides,
  • baby scooters,
  • large puzzles,
  • blocks for the smallest children,
  • teethers,
  • cuddly toys.

What to gift a slightly older girl (up to 10 years old)?

The age range from 4 to 10 years is definitely the time when dolls join the group of gifts offered to girls. Of course, they can come in very different varieties. An example is the classic and already famous Barbie. As children get older, their expectations of gifts grow. Being in a peer group in kindergarten does its part. Girls love dolls that are heroines of their favorite cartoon. Children at this age very much want to imitate adults. So, if a girl is very curious about her mother while cooking, then this is the best time to gift her her own baby pot set

Gifts for girls under 10 years old

  • baby girl pot set,
  • tableware for kids,
  • lEGO bricks for girls,
  • a Barbie doll,
  • a cash register for playing store,
  • doll house,
  • a wooden kitchen for kids,
  • a creative notebook,
  • stamps to create a fashion show,
  • ukulele,
  • a sticker book,
  • a water coloring book,
  • a set of paints,
  • magnetic puzzles,
  • a 3D puzzle,
  • a dominoes game,
  • board game,
  • figurines of characters from your favorite fairy tale,
  • educational board game,
  • a memory game,
  • a letter learning game,
  • big stuffed animals,
  • a toy pony.

Gift ideas for a girl under 15

The age above 10, is almost ”adulthood” for girls – of course, in their mind and sense of seniority to smaller children. Birthday gifts for such a maiden must also be appropriate. Very often this is the age when children actually stop playing with toys and reach for electronic devices. All the more creativity you have to put into it to buy a girl something other than a tablet or a smartphone. However, if we give it some thought – we can certainly come up with an interesting gift. It is possible that a good toy or, for example, some kind of sports accessories will become the beginning of a great passion, which the child will cherish in the future. It is worth betting on things that are associated with movement outdoors. This is also the age when you can instill in your child a passion for art, love for dancing, singing or photography. Of course, it is also worth taking advantage of the fact that the child can read and buy him a trendy and interesting book for teenagers

Gifts for teenage girls

  • a set for making DIY candles,
  • a karaoke microphone,
  • an engaging book for teenagers,
  • a board game,
  • rollerblades,
  • bicycle,
  • a sketchbook,
  • a photography course,
  • a karaoke set,
  • a twister game,
  • magnetic darts,
  • checkers,
  • card games,
  • youth jewelry,
  • secret diary,
  • the first camera,
  • a scooter,
  • a trampoline,
  • a garden swing.

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