How do I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight?

How do I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight?
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Getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight is important for many new moms. Of course, the baby requires a lot of strength and attention, but you should not forget about your health and appearance. New responsibilities, care for the baby, change of daily schedule – all this can be used to lose weight after pregnancy. How? We suggest!

Keep moving

A pregnant woman walks a lot, but slowly and carefully. After the birth life enters a new rhythm and you can start moving more. Light morning gymnastics and uncomplicated physical exercises for different muscle parts will improve your mood and give you energy. A set of strengthening exercises and training with a gym ball will bring clear results. You can combine pleasant and useful, at the same time exercising on the ball and rocking the baby.

Daily walks with a stroller will also help to increase physical activity. Walking with a straight back for one hour and pushing the stroller in front of you will burn as many calories as three hours at the gym. Wearing your baby in a sling is just as helpful in getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Eat Wisely

Adjust your meal times to your newborn’s schedule and eat small portions with your baby 5 to 6 times a day. Include soups, cereals, lean meats and fish in your menu. Avoid quick meals and snacks on the run, and don’t buy half-finished products.

Sticking to such a scheme will not only allow you to lose weight and regulate your digestive system, but will also have a positive impact on the development of the baby’s digestive tract. The well-known saying that a mother should eat for two means only that her diet should include products rich in microelements and vitamins necessary for the proper development of the child. Do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, preferably pure water.

Breastfeed if you can

You should not give up breastfeeding unless it is necessary, for example, because the baby has developed an allergy to breast milk. It’s a different matter if a young mother quits breastfeeding to regain her figure faster. The more so as there is nothing to suggest that breastfeeding will delay this process. On the contrary, breastfeeding makes the uterus shrink faster and the body regenerates.

Give yourself time

During pregnancy and childbirth, major hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body. It is not possible to restore hormonal balance overnight and thus lose weight at a rapid pace. But do not lose hope, give yourself time and you will see that patience will pay off.

Avoid stress

Childbirth in itself is a huge stress for the woman’s body, and with the arrival of the baby the worries only increase. Do not shoulder the entire burden. Such behavior will only lead you to a breakdown. And stress, as you know, many people are used to eating, which immediately reflects on the figure.

Ask your household members for help, and if you are on your own, revise your daily schedule and give up some household duties for a while. Try to sleep at the same time as your little one, and do what is necessary when he or she is playing or just lying in the crib. The extra minute of sleep will put you back in a good mood.

Exercise with your baby at home

Physical activity does not necessarily mean leaving the house. With your baby in the sling you can do squats and other exercises. An added benefit: as your baby grows, the load will gradually increase.

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