How do you recognize depression in a child?

How do you recognize depression in a child?
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The Autism Help Foundation is hosting a webinar where a well-known child psychiatry physician will talk about child mood disorders, how and when to diagnose them, and recommended treatments.

Suicide statistics are increasing every year. From the police data for 2019 the result that suicide was committed by as many as 94 teenagers aged 13-18. In the group of 7-12 on such a desperate move decided 4 children. In comparison, those aged 19-24 are much more likely to commit suicide, with as many as 360 choosing to do so in 2019. Suicide can be the result of chronic depression, for which 1.5 million Poles are currently being treated. Early detection of the problem can save a child’s life and help them heal from mental illness. Ewa Urbanowicz, MD, will talk about how to talk to your child, what behaviors to pay attention to and who to contact for help.

On-line training

The classes will be held on January 12th at 19:00. The training is paid and there is a requirement to sign up for it in advance. As part of the purchased package, participants will receive a set of training materials, a certificate of participation, and access to a recording of the lecture. Autism Help Foundation organizes numerous trainings and workshops in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and child disorders, so it is worth getting acquainted with their offer and broaden your knowledge.

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