What should a house rabbit eat?

What should a house rabbit eat?
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Raising pet rabbits is becoming increasingly popular. What should we feed the little earwig to keep it happy and in good health?

A plant-based diet

The domestic rabbit is a typical vegetarian, which means that its diet is based entirely on plants. In addition to this, it is necessary to provide your little friend with the right ingredients to aid digestion. It is the ballast that allows the food eaten to efficiently overcome the intricacies of the digestive system. The health of the pet is at the heart of every owner. Keeping a rabbit in good condition depends largely on the quantity and quality of food it assimilates. It is worth ensuring that the daily diet is properly balanced.

What does a healthy diet mean for a rabbit?

In animals, as in humans, the daily diet should be tailored to the individual requirements of the body. When planning how to feed your pet rabbit, you need to take into account the age of the animal and its state of health. A baby rabbit and a mature rabbit will have different requirements. The basis of diet of domestic rabbits is hay. Make sure it is of high quality. First of all, before giving a portion of hay to a rabbit, check that it is dry – rotten hay may cause health complications for the animal. Hay can be mixed with herbs to improve digestion.

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How to help a rabbit grind its teeth?

Almost every rodent lover complains about one thing, and that is that these animals love to chew furniture or bite through cables. To protect your property and also to ensure the safety of your rabbit, you need to include in the diet hard ingredients that allow the teeth to wear down. These can be, for example, hard plant roots. A varied daily diet will ensure proper development of the rabbit.

Myths about the diet of domestic rabbits

When thinking about raising rabbits at home, it is advisable to become thoroughly familiar with the subject of rabbit nutrition. There are still a lot of myths circulating in society about how the diet of these rodents should look like. The first association with a rabbit is carrots and probably many people would be happy to feed the fluffy little ones with these vegetables. However, this is not a very good idea. Carrots contain a large amount of sugar, which can translate negatively to the health of the rabbit. Of course, an occasional diversification of diet with a piece of carrot will not do any harm, but in no case should it be the basis of the diet of these animals. As a rule, both fruits and vegetables should appear sporadically in the diet of a rabbit. Breeders recommend that the diet of a domestic rabbit be composed in such a way that its composition is as close as possible to what the animals eat in the wild

What else to remember?

No living organism can do without constant access to water. Humans reach for a cool drink when thirsty. This issue can be solved with special watering bowls, in which water should be regularly replaced. It is important to keep rabbits well hydrated throughout the year, but especially in summer, when room temperatures are high. The summer heat may bother the animal. Cooling mats may be the solution to this problem.

A clean bowl is essential!

Hygiene should be a priority for any breeder of domestic rabbits. Unlimited access to fresh drinking water and a full bowl are important considerations, but don’t forget to serve food in clean dishes. It is easier for microorganisms to grow on dirty surfaces, which can cause infections in the digestive system

How do you know if a rabbit is properly fed?

A rabbit’s well-being and healthy, shiny coat are indications that its diet is well-balanced and provides it with all the valuable ingredients that allow its body to function properly. If you have any doubts as to what food will be right for your rabbit, it is necessary to consult this issue with a veterinarian.

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