How to prepare your child for going to kindergarten

How to prepare your child for going to kindergarten
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In the life of every family, sooner or later there comes a moment when it is necessary to prepare the child for life in a social group, such as kindergarten. How to make the child adapt to the new conditions painlessly? We suggest!

Mental preparation

Adaptation is a rather difficult and laborious process. So that the first day in the kindergarten is not a reason to cry, start accustoming the child to the new situation a few months earlier:

  • discuss the upcoming changes with him more often and answer all his questions;
  • together look for the advantages of going to the kindergarten – one of them may be new toys;
  • keep your child’s spirits up, tell him how happy you are that he is already so big and independent;
  • play in the kindergarten – let your child learn the rhythm of the day through play;
  • go and visit your future preschool group. Let him get to know his new surroundings, classmates and teachers under your supervision.

Strengthening immunity

New surroundings and unfamiliar microclimates quite often contribute to lowered immunity and recurrent infections. Hardening the body will help you keep your preschooler from getting sick often.

New friends

Teach your child to make friends, especially if he or she is shy. Take the initiative at first – when the opportunity arises, introduce yourself and your toddler. Sooner or later, your child will become bolder and will initiate conversation on his or her own. Perhaps you have the opportunity to enroll your child in some group activities? This is an ideal way to prepare him for crossing the threshold of the kindergarten. On walks, offer to play games together, for example tag or ball games, so that your child can see how much fun it is to play with others.

Rhythm of the day

The child will adapt more easily to the rules of the group if you already adjust the times of meals, rest and walks to the rhythm of the day in the kindergarten. Even if the toddler does not want to sleep during the day, teach him to lie quietly in his crib. Read him a favorite book, look at pictures together, or share your own memories of preschool.


When preparing your child for kindergarten, you need to develop independence. In the new environment, the toddler will have to do many things on his own: eat, change clothes, go to sleep or use the toilet. Give him a spoon and fork and let him try to handle food on his own. When you go out for a walk, let him dress himself, don’t rush him, but don’t help him either. Don’t forget to wean your baby from the breast.

Organizational issues

Discuss early at home who and when will be taking your child to and from day care. Don’t forget to tell your child who and when he or she will be picked up so that he or she feels more secure in the new place. When setting the alarm clock, keep in mind that children need more time to get up, so allow some time when planning the morning.

Parents’ attitude

When sending a toddler off to preschool, don’t forget to put a smile on their lips. Children can sense the emotions of their parents, so if you feel guilty about walking your child to kindergarten, don’t expect him to be cheerful. And vice versa – your confidence will undoubtedly give to your child.

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