The most beautiful boho accessories

The most beautiful boho accessories
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Boho style accessories are still on trend! Ladies love such decorations, because they look very feminine and original. Check which boho accessories are worth having in your home.

Rattan is always in vogue!

Very original and fashionable boho accessories are rattan furniture and baskets. Natural rattan is very light and despite appearances, it is easy to clean. You will surely fall in love with it at first sight! It delights with its natural, light brown shade and also beautifully composes with wooden or stone accessories. Quite exotic and very elegant look for example flower pot stands made of this material. You can choose between single flower beds or double ones that hold two large pots. Your neat fern or daisy will look very nice in them. There’s also a hanging rattan flowerbed to put ivy in, for example. You can create an incredibly positive energy in your living room by displaying your beautiful flowers.

Don’t forget about the storage baskets also made from rattan. Interestingly, you can also use them as seats. The rattan, which is tightly braided, has quite a lot of load bearing strength. Combining a storage basket with a seat will definitely save a lot of space in your home. Uncovered rattan baskets are perfect instead of a traditional bookshelf or hand knitting shelf.

In the 90s, rattan furniture used even for the living room was a real hit. They were often combined with glass tops. Today you can find their slightly refreshed versions, painted in various surprising colors.

Rattan can also be used to make very creative and beautiful bed headboard or avant-garde chair on metal frame. It will perfectly fit to modern and loft interiors.

Decorations made of rattan also look perfect in the living room or in the boho style room. Among many proposals, you may be interested in mirror in rattan frame. Its decorative weaves give the impression of being very expensive, although they are not expensive at all. You can choose from many models, which have openwork weaves, or tighter ones, resembling in appearance traditional wooden mirror frames.

Macramé and dream catchers

Boho style is also a reference to folk and very famous wall decorations. One of them is undoubtedly a dream catcher, which comes from the culture of ancient Indians. It was supposed to catch bad dreams with its braided net, and after flowing down the strings with birds’ feathers, good dreams were coming out. The catchers were usually hung over the entrance to the house or over the bed. Today they are a popular decoration in boho style. You can choose from many beautiful dream catchers, often with additional colorful feathers or beads. Such a decoration will surely decorate your bedroom wonderfully, and maybe bring to you good and peaceful dreams.

Macramé braided with different types of strings look very original and elegant. They are woven with strings of wool or linen. In this technique are also made hanging baskets for flowers and hammocks. This decorative element will certainly make your living room a cozier place.

Wooden bowls and figurines

Boho style is all about nature and minimalism. A very good and practical decoration turns out to be a wooden bowl for fresh fruit or jewelry. Also wooden, minimalist figurines will give the interior a boho look. Such decorations are also very practical and blend beautifully with other wooden or rattan decor elements.

Wooden candlesticks with openwork pattern are also unique, as they beautifully emphasize the candle flame. They can also be used for battery operated candles – they are a bit safer and also give off a pleasant light.

Geometric, Aztec patterns

A blanket with geometric patterns, a rug in a similar shade or pillows – these accessories will surely make our boho style living room look original and very modern. Perfect match will be black and white combined with shades of yellow, or blue combined with red.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

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