Wedding makeup – which one to decide on?

Wedding makeup – which one to decide on?
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On your wedding day, we want to look perfect and as beautiful as possible. One of the key elements is makeup. Which one to choose for your beauty type?

The bride’s makeup complements the wedding look. Besides the dress and hairstyle it is the make-up that is the element of styling to which we devote much attention. Bridal make-up should be consistent with the whole look and should match our type of beauty. What to think about and how to choose the right make-up for the big day?

Bridal make-up for brunettes

The perfect bridal make-up for brunettes is smokey eye. The essence of this look is a smoky eye with a darkened corner of the eye. In smokey makeup you can gradate the intensity of colors. Brave women can allow themselves to intense colors of black. Additionally, the eye should be emphasized with a line made with the help of eyeliner and stick on false eyelashes or tufts.

Smokey eye can also be made in a more subtle version. A subtle smoky eye on the outer corner of the eye looks great with pearl make-up or pastels. We will get a makeup, which will be girly and light, but with a claw(link).

Wedding makeup for blondes

Looking for the perfect wedding makeup for blondes, we can bet on girlish simplicity. Such make-up will satisfy women who have a perfect complexion and those who appreciate a natural look. The role of such makeup is to unify the complexion, revitalize it with blush and highlight. The eyes can be painted with pastel or nude shadows, or you can bet on shine. It does not hurt to apply strong mascara to the eyelashes or to glue on clumps of eyeliner. On the lips, the colors should be close to the natural shade of lips. The role of such make-up is to emphasize beauty without a mask effect.

Blondes also look beautiful with makeup that focuses on the lips. This is a bolder and more expressive bridal look. When painting lips a vivid blood red, remember about more toned down eye. It is important that the makeup is proportional – if we focus more attention on the eyes we tone down the lip color and vice versa.

Delicate bridal makeup

Delicate, natural wedding makeup looks light and girly. It will suit people who do not wear makeup every day. Such makeup will perfectly complement the style of boho, ethno and romantic. A light foundation will make your complexion look even and smooth. Make-up should be complemented with blush and subtle highlight. The eyes may be highlighted with a soft pastel-coloured eye shadow, a shimmering foil shadow or a highlighter.

Bridal make-up trends 2021

Simple, pastel and natural make-up looks dominate this wedding season. The colors are dominated by shades of pearly white and gold. Also on trend are smokey eyes and eyeliner looks. In lipstick colors maroon, red, raspberry and coral are absolute hits.

The year 2021 is also a return to intense shine. Not only pigments and foil shadows, but also glitter are in demand. We can choose to cover the entire eyelid with glitter shadows, make a glittery line or only emphasize the glitter in the inner corner of the eye

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The glittery eye makeup should be done on a good base and using good quality cosmetics. This will make sure that the glitter stays exactly where you want it to be. This will help to avoid a makeup mishap, which we especially want to avoid on the wedding day.

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