Baby stroller – which one to buy?

Baby stroller – which one to buy?
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Buying a baby stroller is one of the most important parts of baby outfit. It is also usually the most expensive part, so it’s no wonder that the choice of a baby stroller can be a source of many doubts and questions.

Especially when you are expecting your first child and the subject seems extremely unfamiliar. Manufacturers outdo each other in newer and newer technologies and amenities. How to choose so as not to regret?

What should you pay attention to?

First of all, you need to realize that there is no one perfect stroller for everyone. Just because a friend or a famous blogger recommends a particular model, doesn’t mean that it will be good for everyone. Fortunately, there are many options and there is something for everyone. After asking yourself a few questions below, you’ll be able to more or less pinpoint what you’re really looking for and what should work for you

Supporting questions

Questions you need to answer to make a good baby stroller choice:

  1. Where will it be used? – If you live in a city and will usually be walking on a compacted surface without bumps, you may want to opt for some lighter model, not necessarily with pumped wheels that are heavy. However, if you live in the countryside, or simply know that the stroller will be used on rough terrain, then you should opt for a model with good cushioning and larger (pumped or foam) wheels.
  1. Will you have to carry it? – If you live on the third floor of a block of flats without an elevator, and you know that you will have to carry the stroller up and down the stairs every time you take it down, the basic criterion for your choice should be its weight.
  1. Do you need just the carrycot, or would you prefer a multifunctional stroller? – The most commonly purchased strollers are 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 options. This has its advantages, but also its disadvantages, so keep that in mind.
  1. Is there a big height difference between you and your partner? – If you measure 150 centimeters with your hat on, and your partner or another person who often goes for walks with your baby is a 190 centimeter giant, it’s worth considering a stroller with an adjustable, extendable handle. This will give comfort to anyone driving the stroller – regardless of height.
  2. How often will I need to fold the stroller? – Each stroller manufacturer develops its own folding system. It is worth looking around for a model that can be efficiently folded in one motion, which will be useful if you fold it frequently.

Baby stroller – types

The basic division of strollers is:

  • deep strollers (gondolas) – it is recommended to carry toddlers in them until 6-8 months of age. Note: If you know that you are likely to give birth to a baby of a large weight and length, pay attention to the dimensions of the carrycot you are buying. Then it is worth choosing a larger one;
  • Baby walkers – the baby rides in them for the longest time, therefore, it is important that they are well-cushioned, light, easy to fold and adjusted to individual needs – yours and the child’s;
  • multifunctional baby carriages (2in1 or 3in1) – Usually such an option is attractively priced, saves space and gives compatibility (one frame fits the carrycot, pram and car seat – if you choose the 3in1 option). However, it is worth remembering that strollers from multifunctional models are usually heavy, and car seats are not of the best quality

Baby carriages for children – sometimes the devil is in the detail

To make a good choice, it is best to simply go to a store and see, touch and drive the stroller you want. Take advantage of the salesperson’s knowledge and experience, and ask about any issues that bother you so that all your doubts are cleared up. In addition to the above mentioned divisions, the appearance of the stroller is also important (if you do not know the sex of your baby, it is better to choose a universal color). Also consider whether you can easily fold the baby stroller (try it out), how well it handles, whether it’s possible to wash the upholstery, and whether the basket under the stroller is the right size for you

You’ll also want to pay attention to the accessories that come with the baby stroller. This may seem like a small detail, but some companies sell the baby stroller “out of the box” and you have to buy the accessories separately. On the more expensive models, this adds up to a hefty sum!

Stroller accessories that are good to have are: bag, rain cover, umbrella, cup holder.

In conclusion: if you want to save money, choose a 2-in-1 model. You can also start by buying just a baby stroller, and then purchase a new stroller in a few months. If you choose the baby carriage, the baby carriage and the car seat separately, you will be able to adjust each of these elements perfectly to your needs.

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