Photo wallpapers for living room – which ones to choose?

Photo wallpapers for living room – which ones to choose?
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Photo wallpapers are an absolute interior design hit in recent months. This is a great return of fashion from a few years ago. Wall murals are back on the market in a new, refreshed version. How to choose the right ones for your living room?

Fashion for photo wallpapers is back in a big style. Painfully realistic, brightly coloured and quite banal in patterns wall murals, which we remember from a few years ago, are now a thing of the past. Designers and designers have created a new line; elegant, sublime and representing high quality of workmanship.

A perfect solution to any interior

A wall mural is perfect for any room: hallway, kitchen, and especially living room, bedroom, children’s room or office. The patterns and colors of the wall murals will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The high quality of workmanship makes a wall mural a durable solution for years

Many of them are washable and resistant to dirt. The only problem is how to place a wall mural on a wall. If you don’t have any experience, it’s worth relying on the help of a professional. This will help us avoid poor fit, bumps and irregularities.

Photo wall mural for a living room

Placing a wall mural on one of the walls in a living room is a solution that can completely change the character of the interior. Much depends on our taste and style in which we want to arrange the room.

Plants, flowers and tropical

Wallpapers with botanical motifs are very fashionable. Boho, idyllic as well as modern style are perfectly combined with a floral wallpaper. There are really many models to choose from. A subdued, subtle option are beige, pastel and gray wallpapers with a delicate motif of dried and live flowers and grasses. Such wallpaper will not be very conspicuous and will be a beautiful background for the rest of the room.

Another group of very fashionable wallpapers are bold tropical forest motifs. Bright colors: juicy greens, blues and turquoises and contrasting with them reds, yellows and purples. This is a solution for the brave. The wall covered with such wallpaper will be the main element of the living room. You will need to choose wisely accessories and furniture. The climate will perfectly fit the living room flowers such as monstera.

Photo wallpaper in lofts

A wall mural is perfect for lofts. High walls and large open space favor bold patterns, colors and motifs. A wall mural is not only flowers and landscapes. It is also possible to cover the walls with imitations of boards, bricks and stone. Thanks to modern technology of murals’ production, there is almost no difference between a wall covered with real bricks and a wallpaper imitating this motif. We also have a whole spectrum of wallpapers with industrial motifs to choose from.

Instead of a painting

Contemporary wall murals can also be used on a fragment of a wall. Their task is then to create an imitation of a painting, a great work of art. There are reproductions of famous works and their reinterpreted fragments. This solution will work well in bold interiors, stylized in a creative way.

Immortal landscapes

For many of us a wall mural is unequivocally associated with a landscape. There is no shortage of this motif in refreshed interior design proposals. Picturesque streets, meadows and forests do not go out of fashion. However, we must remember that the more happening on the wallpaper, the more subdued must be the rest of the interior. Otherwise, we will get the impression of an overloaded room.

Photo wallpaper to a small living room

Wallpaper looks best in a large, spacious room. Then it is well exposed and does not optically diminish the room. Fortunately, designers this time also thought about the owners of small spaces

Among wallpapers for a small living room, 3D wallpapers work well. Thanks to three-dimensionality and optical illusion, we can optically enlarge the space. We can choose both landscapes and geometric patterns

For small rooms choose wall murals in bright colors. Thanks to this the room will seem more spacious. We can successfully use floral themes.

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