Bathroom in boho style – how to arrange?

Bathroom in boho style – how to arrange?
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Designers, architects and designers are crazy about boho style. Another room, which we can easily arrange in this style, is the bathroom.

Boho is undoubtedly a word mentioned in recent years on various occasions. Without any hesitation, it can be added to the top words of the last decade. Boho clothes, boho accessories, boho weddings, and above all, boho interiors!

Boho style interiors are arranged in harmony with nature, using natural accessories and materials. Colors are dominated by earthy and natural colors and beiges. Wood, straw baskets and ceramic pots are used. Textile accessories are linen or macramé. Hippie, free, ecological and cozy

Arranging a small bathroom in boho style

Boho does not require a large space. Practically every room can be arranged in a few simple steps in this style. It is no different in the case of the bathroom. Start by getting rid of the room plastic accessories. Replace them with those made of bamboo, straw, rattan or ceramic. Handmade clay will perfectly fit into the style of a boho bathroom. Let’s start with replacing flower covers, soap dish, toothbrush mug

Choose accessories with a rustic character, second hand or those that have character and history. A simple wooden board laid across the bathtub, candles and dried flowers will instantly give the bathroom a vibe

Boho bathroom with a window

If we are the lucky owners of a bathroom with a window, decorating it in boho style will be even easier. Boho loves live flowers. The more of them, the better. Ferns, monstera, sanseweras, golden epipremnum or succulents – these flowers perfectly fit into boho style. Both plants and pots, in which we put them, will stylize our bathroom.

Bathroom furniture in boho style

Boho style is not only ecological, but also economical. If we have an old, post-PRL bathroom in our apartment, boho will be achieved through accessories and highlighting the retro character of the interior. We can also use furniture from a bygone era as bathroom furniture. In this one, low chests of drawers, which can serve as a countertop to the washbasin, will work well.

Boho style bathroom furniture should be simple and made of wooden or bamboo elements. Open bookcases, simple shelves, light closed chain furniture. We can store some things in baskets and boxes

Accessories for boho bathroom

Ideal accessories for the bathroom, which will be decorated in boho style are: macatas, woven rugs and rugs and everything made of macramé. These can be flower pots, ornaments to hang on the wall, curtains … Fireplaces, incense and candles will also be perfect. You can easily change lampshades, too. You can easily find large rattan lampshades in chain stores

On the walls, you can put pictures, a mirror in a straw frame or stick floral wallpaper. A big change achieved at a small cost is replacing the shower curtain. Those in the boho style should have floral or plant prints, a delicate geometric throw, colors kept in beige, earthy and green tones

Before the visit of a tiler

If we have to arrange a boho bathroom from scratch, it is worthwhile to properly choose tiles for it. A universal solution is a white bathroom, which then we can change with accessories. Similarly, a bath room kept in the style of wood and one leading color (gray, white) will also work

If you want to lay tiles that strictly refer to boho style, you can go crazy with colors and choose for example deep green. Tiles with a visible pattern will also work well – monochromatic brick with contrasting grout, Moroccan clover and patterned, multicolored tiles.

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