Planning a family camping trip? Here’s a list of essentials!

Planning a family camping trip? Here’s a list of essentials!
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A family holiday with a tent is always a good idea to spend free time. In order to break away from work, responsibilities and grey reality, all you need to do is to go somewhere far away, set up a tent and enjoy the pleasures of nature

And yet, like any major trip, such a trip requires us to be well prepared and to remember about the necessary things to take. Check out this list of essentials!

Prepared from scratch

What do you and your family need for a tent trip? The right tent! Yes, this is where the whole adventure starts.

Waterproofing is a primary concern. When you are camping, a sudden storm may occur and you should avoid the disappointment of leaking material. The best choice is undoubtedly polyester, which is completely impervious to water. There is one drawback, such a tent definitely weighs more than nylon models. The right frame and the required flysheet will increase the comfort of the whole family while camping.

Peaceful sleep

Once you have the right tent, it is time to take care of its equipment. First of all, keep in mind that sleeping on the floor of the tent, right on the ground, is not very comfortable. Therefore, it is important to have adequate insulation that will be comfortable while you sleep. Depending on your preferences and wallet, you can bet on a classic carimata, a self-inflating mat or a camping mattress.

Now it’s time for a sleeping bag. If the family outing takes place in the summer, summer sleeping bags will be the best. The simplest models will keep us comfortable in temperatures around 15 or 20 degrees Celsius. They will be the best choice for a summer family trip

Comfortable meals

Without a camping stove you can’t move! Additionally, it is worth thinking about a travel fridge. There are models available on the market that you can plug into the cigarette lighter socket. This will allow the whole family to enjoy properly stored food and have access to chilled drinks during hot weather

If you have a larger sized car, consider bringing camping furniture for you and the whole family that is handy and lightweight to transport. They’ll make dining out in nature simply more convenient.

Essential accessories

This is actually where we should start our list – with a first aid kit. Taking a first aid kit to a tent is essential. You can get a cut, sprain a leg or get a scratch. Especially if you take children with you. First aid kit with basic equipment will allow to act in case of such events

Another important thing is a flashlight. It is especially useful at night. We recommend a tourist lamp and so called headlamp, which you can put on your head and have your hands free. It is also necessary to take a knife, preferably a hunting knife or a folding knife. You may need it very soon.

Also, don’t forget matches or a lighter, preferably a storm lighter. You never know when your camping stove will stop working and you will lose access to warm meals. Speaking of meals, think about plates for the whole family, cups, and a travel meniscus. And last but not least, make sure you take toilet paper with you when you go camping with the whole family. Hygiene first and foremost!

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