What ingredients should be in a dog’s food?

What ingredients should be in a dog’s food?
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Properly balanced dog food should contain all the necessary nutrients. This will ensure that your four-legged friend enjoys good health.

Dry food or wet food – which is better for your dog?

The debate on the best way to feed your domesticated pet has been ongoing for many years. There is no shortage of people claiming that wet food is the best. On the other hand, there are also voices arguing that the dog should be fed dry food. A niche, but more and more popular is also a trend, whose supporters feed dogs with raw meat. BARF diet is gaining supporters, although there are also those who stand on the position that after raw meat dogs become more aggressive. So what to feed your four-legged friend? Theoretically – what the dog likes. Some dogs don’t want to eat dry food for nothing. If your pet grumbles at the bowl, consult a vet. He’ll certainly advise what food to choose, so that it’s both good for your dog and gives him as many valuable nutrients as possible.

John Dog – Principles of proper dog nutrition

What should I not feed my dog?

The answer to the question of what to feed your dog is not simple. It is much easier to determine what should not be included in a dog’s daily diet. Almost every owner of a pet dog meets a situation when he’s eating his meal and a dog appears at the table with big eyes (they get as big as those of a cat from a popular cartoon) and asks to share with him. Such sins can have very serious consequences. Human food is full of enhancers, spices and preservatives to which delicate dog’s digestive system is not accustomed. A piece of ham once in a while won’t do any harm, but the dog’s bowl should definitely not contain leftovers from our dinners. The dog should have its own food. If it will be fed with our food, in the best case it will gain a lot of weight, and in the worst – it can get seriously ill. Changes in stomach or intestines develop slowly, and when they appear, it’s often too late to help the dog.

The most important ingredients of a dog’s diet

No one needs convincing that dogs like to eat meat. When choosing a good quality food, you need to read the label carefully to know the detailed composition. This way you’ll easily find out what the food contains, as well as the percentage composition. The label may encourage you to buy the product by saying that the food is based on excellent quality venison, but then it turns out that the venison is actually less than 5%.

Dogology – Comparing dry dog food ingredients

The more pure meat in the food, the better. It is the most valuable ingredient in any dog food – every dog can get the most nutrients from such food. In addition to meat, your dog’s food should also contain oils and vegetable products. The combination of meat and vegetables is appealing to many pets. Some dog owners avoid feeding their dogs foods that contain grains. Dogs with allergies may react badly to such foods. There are also those who are convinced that grain-based foods make dogs fat.

Harmful substances

As we mentioned earlier, homemade food is not beneficial for pets. However, this doesn’t mean that your dog can’t eat cooked food, but it should be prepared especially for him – without adding spices. Cooked beef, giblets, cereals, rice or delicate broth – many dogs love such food and reach for it much more eagerly than for dry food

Chocolate is completely prohibited in a dog’s diet. Even a small piece of chocolate can cause severe poisoning. You should also absolutely avoid giving your dog avocado, yeast cake or mushrooms. Take care of a proper diet for your pet. A well-fed dog is an animal full of energy with a shiny and thick coat!

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